Thursday, April 12, 2012

Star Making Roles at Hispanicize

STAR MAKING ROLES was a Wednesday panel that included Steven Bauer (Scarface), Gina Rodriguez (Filly Brown), and Tim McNeal (VP ABC Talent Development & Diversity).

If you haven't quite heard of Gina Rodriguez you will very, very soon. She was Sundance's official "It Girl" at this years prestigious annual Film Festival, where her movie "Filly Brown" premiered. 

Rodriguez reminds me of a younger Michelle Rodriguez. A young starlet with edge, beauty and talent. In "Filly Brown" the actress, who started her entertainment career as a Salsa dancer will also show off her rapping skills as the role required her to belt out some tunes. 

Hey, I'm with Manny Ribera from "Scarface" !!

Steven Bauer who shot to fame for his star making role in "Scarface" alongside Al Pacino, shared the story of how he started his career. He landed in Miami in the 70's as part of the Cuban exile community and his real name is Esteban Ernesto EchevarrĂ­a Samson, but his father encouraged him to change his name so people could pronounce it. "Bauer", Steven said at the panel had a nice ring to it. The self-proclaimed bad boy has also been seen in hits like "Primal Fear", "Traffic" and "Breaking Bad".
Lady in White Moderator and CEO of Latin Heat Bel Hernandez 

His title, pretty much says it all: Vice President of Talent Development and Diversity at ABC, 'nuff said. His job is basically to seek out diverse talent, reel them in, and have them sign development deals with ABC/Disney. Gina Rodriguez currently has such deal at ABC, and trust me it's well deserved.

Hearing all of their stories was very inspiring, because whether you want to be an actress, agent, or lawyer, or pediatrician-the message was the same: GO FOR IT! Follow your heart, follow your passion, don't give up- and create your own "Star Making Role" whatever that may mean for you!

Check out the tout video of them giving it shout out below. (must be viewed on a computer)

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