Monday, October 29, 2012

EVA LONGORIA is scared at Halloween Horror Nights

Ok, Eva Longoria  doesn't really look scared here. But only she can pull off a sexy, sophisticated and stylish look while being surrounded by a bloody bunny carrying a chainsaw and two other ghoulish creatures.

Longoria visited Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood along with friends including hairstylist to the stars Ken Paves. I gotta give the girl props. She has time to be part of Obamas political campaign, produce a show (Devious Maids),  manage her acting career and still make some room for Halloween fun.
Loved the Scary Mazes!

I actually got a chance to check out the scary Mazes at Halloween Horror Nights a few weeks ago myself. My favorite one was Alice Cooper goes to Hell in 3D. Visitors actually have to wear 3D glasses as you walk through rooms decked out to represent, purgatory, limbo, each of the seven deadly sins (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride) and the final frozen level of hell. Cooper's music is heard in the background.

going down the HHN escalator 
What are your Halloween plans?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

5 Great Books to Read Before & During Pregnancy

When I found out I was pregnant, my search for interesting and informative pregnancy books began. It was overwhelming! There were hundreds of books to pick and choose from and my fears of being a good mom began: Am I picking the right books to prepare me for this?  Am I missing out on a must-have read that all other mommies are tuned into?
Then my husband reminded me, mothers have been having happy, healthy children for thousands and thousands of years, before books were even invented. So when the pressure faded, I just used my motherly instinct and read the books I naturally gravitated toward.

Friday, October 12, 2012


A picture is worth a thousand words.... September has been such an amazing month for me... its been a roller coaster of hormones, career accomplishments, and sleepless nights... I could write an entire book on how SEPTEMBER 2012 was for me... but instead here is my amazing month in 8 pictures...

Sep 06, 2012-
The birth of my son Brayden Mateo... I honestly didn't think life would give me such a precious gift. On this day, my whole world changed. I love my life more than ever, and Im happy I have a new person to share it with. My lesson: never stop dreaming, hoping, wishing... dreams do come true.

Sep. 09, 2012-
My daughter Giselle's 9th birthday. I was still at the hospital on her birthday, so I decided to celebrate it in my recovery room. We decorated it with balloons, signs, and yes, even lit candles on her cake. Thank God the fire alarms at Cedar's Sinai Hospital didn't go off. I want to thank my in-laws John and Jackie for helping make Giselle's birthday so special. Her biggest present was her new little brother. My lesson: I had worried that I wasn't going to be able to celebrate my daughters Birthday, but with creativity, help from family, and lots of love, you can make anything happen!

Sep 16, 2012-
Covering the ALMA Award's Red Carpet and walking the Carpet too!
I was given the assignment by Fox News Latino (CLICK HERE TO READ MY ARTICLE) to cover the ALMA Awards red carpet. Wow, this was only 10 days post-c-section delivery. Should I stay home and recover? Nah! I decided to go ahead and cover the event, after all, I thought of all the other women around the world that live in third world countries and have to get up and work days after having a baby. Im not a wimp, Im a warrior! The added bonus of attending was that my co-hosts for the Latina Talk Show "HOLA L.A." which will air on KCAL/KCBS, and I were asked to walk the red carpet as Talent to promote the show! MY LESSON: when you work in the Industry, rain, sleet or snow, "The show must go on!"

Sep 25, 2012- MY BIRTHDAY!  
I turned 30-something... Another year older, and hopefully wiser! What more could I want with a new baby and a new show? Well, life has no meaning without people to share it with. So my best girlfriends  took me to my own "Tea Party" at the American Tea Room in Beverly Hills. I got a little break from my baby, and got to catch up with the girls. My husband also took me to dinner to my favorite L.A. Restaurant "The Bazaar" at SLS Hotel. Hey, just because we are new parents doesn't mean we cant "date" anymore!

It's a show we have been working on for a long time. Four women discussing current topics with a Latina twist. Yes we finally have a voice at the table! Please (Click here for more info on HOLA L.A.) MY LESSON: If no one gives you an opportunity, you have to create it for yourself. My hats off to show creator Bel Hernandez-Castillo, who decided to put the show together on her own, seeing that networks weren't providing a Latina perspective  on current Talk Shows.

How has your current month been? Please share your stories below: