Tuesday, October 4, 2011

If KARMA is a woman, she's a BITCH! This is why I believe in KARMA...

Do you believe in Karma? I do. Why? Because over and over again in my life, I've seen Karma's magic happen. I've also seen it happen to those around me (i.e. a mean boss who ends up getting fired in the most humiliating way, a cheater that ends up being cheated on, a bully who ends up getting punched in the face) you get the picture.

I've experienced some Karma of my own (not any of the above examples, thank God, or thank Karma). Karma doesn't discriminate. I truly believe If you send out good you will get good. If you send out bad you will get bad. Karma is very Objective. I think if Karma was a Journalist it would be the best Journalist because it would be impartial. It would dish it like it is. It wouldn't receive bribes, prayers, or do-overs. Karma is a straight-shooter.

I'm writing this post because I had an ah-ha Karma moment. Not anything big, something small. I was at Vienna Cafe restaurant on Melrose and I was so hungry I completely wiped my plate clean and didn't even leave a crumb. The waiter came by and said, "are you done?" and I said in a mocking way, "no!" and he said, "oh, I guess that was a stupid question huh?"  Admittedly I was being a little snobbish and belittling. (my cars battery ended up dying right in front of the Restaurant, and I had to ask that same waiter for iced tea cause it was an extremely hot day!) But wait, that wasn't Karma. This was:

The next day I went to Tender Greens and ordered Iced Tea with my Salad. I asked the cashier, "do you know if I can get refills for my Iced Tea?" and he answered in a belittling way, "what if I said, no I don't know?, hun of course you get refills". I felt stupid for asking. Probably the same way the Vienna Cafe waiter felt when he asked me if I was "done with my food" and I said in a "duh!" tone "No!".

I know this is a very small and perhaps meaningless example. But the bigger examples I've had in my life are too long and complicated to explain, and I would have to write an entire book about it. Point is, I took this example as a reminder to put myself on check. I'm no YOGI, but I do believe that at Home, at Work and at Play, what goes around comes around. Watch yourself, cause, yeah... Karma is watching you.

Do you believe in Karma? Do you have an Karma moments?

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  1. Yes I'm a true believer in Karma!!! what goes around comes definitely back around to us!!

    PS. Thx for your comment on my blog and would love to follow each other if you like. Hope to hear from you soon.

    <3 Marina