Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sexy-time and 11 other things to do during Carmageddon...

In L.A. there are only two things people are scared of: Carbs and the 405.  So if you're eating a bag of chips while driving the infamous freeway, you really have some street cred. Seriously though, with the impending 53 hour closure of the 405 FWY this weekend, people are literally bracing themselves, stocking their refrigerators, and saying their prayers.

My boyfriend and I love discovering restaurants, going to concerts, museums and to the movies on our weekends. So WE were wondering what we could do in L.A. for an entire weekend without having to leave the house or drive the car... hmm. Get your mind out of the gutter, with some fun brainstorming we thought of 12 things we could do and so could you.

1. Catch up on Movies at home.
Whether you get your  movies through Netlfix, Hulu, DirecTV, Dish, Cable, Free Air T.V., or the guy who sells Pirate DVD copies from his trunk, we all have Movie options. Sure, through million dollar marketing schemes we usually put off watching those movies that are practically free and spend $15 to go see that stupid Blockbuster with too many explosions and an insane amount of overacting. So throw some popcorn in the microwave and go through those hidden movie treasures that you already have at home. Those old black and white movies that are constantly airing on Television are called "classics" for a reason.

2. Play Board Games.
Dust off the old "Monopoly" Game, "Clue", or if you have kids "Chutes and Ladders". You have no idea how fun a board game could be and how much you get to see the competitive side of your loved ones. Believe me, I didn't realize how fierce my boyfriend Jeff could be until I beat him in "Scrabble". Can you spell "S.C.A.R.Y.?"

I know, its difficult to get motivated during a hot weekend, when, in theory, you're supposed to decompress, let go, rest and have fun. But this is the perfect excuse for you to finally get around to playing that Zumba DVD. Another option: run around your neighborhood! Its a great way to go somewhere without going anywhere. You will get your workout and never have to step into a car.

In L.A. it is very rare for people to just walk around their neighborhood. Sometimes we drive to the coffee shop that is one block away! It takes us longer to get in the car, drive and park than it would to actually walk there. You have no idea how many hidden gems you can find right under your nose. That cool Mexican restaurant that may look like a hole in the wall may actually have some pretty good Enchiladas. Take a walk to the Antique store thats a few streets down from you, window shopping is free and you may find a gold mine.

How many times have you told yourself, "I need to plant tomatoes or peppers back here". This is the perfect weekend to bring out that green thumb. Not only is it therapeutic, its also healthy and great for the environment. So everybody wins! Just don't plant potatoes (carbs). Ahhhh!

With improved technology are taking pictures all the time with our smart phones, but ironically we hardly ever see them! They get lost in our computers, on our phones or on someone else's Facebook wall. So this could be a good time to sort them out. Make a Photo book online, print some out on your computer, or burn a few DVD's with themes like "Family Reunion", "Bachelor Party", or "For Your Eyes Only".

Clear our your closets.  Get rid of what you don't wear. Believe me that tie dyed shirt is NOT coming back in style that would be "FASHIONGEDDON" Dump those old shoes that are barely hanging in there. Go through your bathroom and throw away expired medications, makeup and beauty products. Clean Clean Clean. That could take an entire Sunday and if you do it at a fast pace, you are actually burning calories as well.

How many books have you bought and never read? I have an entire bookshelf. It could be fun to crack open a beer, or a glass of wine. Jump on that hammock or lawn chair and finally fix your financial situation thanks to Suze Orman, fall in love with the Prince Charming from  a Harlequin Novel , or Awaken your Life's purpose thanks to Eckhart Tolle.

What are you into? Inquiring minds want to know! In this information age we are less in touch and more in touch than ever before. Before I had a blog I had Facebook and Twitter, but with a limited amount of characters sometimes my "headlines" just didn't cut it.  Blogging gives you a more in depth connection with what you are wanting to express. Its modern day journaling which has proven to be therapeutic, good for your self esteem, and self-expression. Hey, if you're cat is the only one that reads your blog… who cares. Blogging is more about you than about winning a popularity contest. Its also a good tool to share your interests and knowledge with like-minded individuals. So if you are the best cook, mechanic, or cartoonist ever, share your talent and knowledge with a blog.

What are you're hobbies? If any of them can be done at home... than bust out those paintbrushes, pottery wheel or scrap-booking... dahling you have all the time in the world.

11. COOK !
Ok so one of L.A.'s favorite Hobbies is eating out. Since that is not an option, cook your way through Carmegeddon by cooking up Bobby Flay's winning dish.

Light some candles, pull down the shades, dust off the Victoria's Secret silk lingerie set you've been saving for a special occasion. With a little creativity you can turn your home into a luxury boutique Hotel Suite and your significant other can be the Bellboy that is at your beck and call. The lady wants to be fed some strawberries and chocolate, and the customer gets what the customer wants. Don't worry bellboy, you'll get a GREAT tip (wink, wink). Let your imagination run wild. (*Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any babies born 9 months after Carmageddon)

I actually think Carmageddon will be good for Angelinos. Sometimes we forget that we don't have to look outside to entertain ourselves. When I lived in a small town in Mexico named Juchipila, no one had cars. We all walked to the market, to school, to our friends and families homes, and those are my best childhood memories. Come on people Carmageddon is not the end of the world.


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