Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Falling in LOVE ... Its a Bumpy ride...

I had a great time during my one week stay in Miami. Met up with old friends and 
colleagues, met new friends, made great networking contacts. But eventually it 
was time to get on a plane and go back home, Los Angeles.

As I boarded the plane and made myself comfortable in my seat, I was happy to know  I   would soon see my husband and my daughter, both of whom I missed dearly.
The plane took off and I started reading my book. All was well, until about two 
hours into my five hour flight, major turbulence started shaking the plane so 
much that the "fasten your seat belts" sign turned on and the flight attendants 
stopped serving refreshments and scattered with their carts back to either end 
of the plane. 
That's when I started thinking... Falling in Love is like turbulence on a bumpy
plane ... As the aircraft moves and shakes you wish you were home and not in 
this uncomfortable situation that you can't get out of. Heck, even if you had 
boarded the plane with a parachute there is no way in hell the crew would let you jump off, although you wish more than anything that you could.

View from my seat
So you're stuck, no where to go. You just have to sit there and accept the fact 
that yes, the plane may go down. That your eulogy at your funeral may say things 
like,"if only she had boarded an earlier flight"....and your mind starts going 
to weird places. Like, "why did I put myself in this situation?" "Why can't I just 
be happy at home and never fly, never travel?" Then you start thinking of how 
much you love your life and those in it and how you hope the bumps will cease 
and your plane will land safely. When it does, you feel grateful . So grateful 
for not letting fear stop you from wanting to do it all over again.

bumpy ride home!
 You even start getting excited about planning your next vacation to an exotic place or
 simply the next city to visit a relative. That ride is much like falling in love . When 
you first start that bumpy journey, it is scary, so scary you feel you may not make it.
But you hold on, grasp the armchair as if your life depended on it, and hope that the bumps
will stop. When they do, you realize you are thankful for being a little brave, taking a leap of   faith and boarding, knowing you will face the symbolic uncertainties that come with
opening your heart. When you land into "Love" you take a deep breath and realize the ride,
scary and bumpy as it was, was well worth it, because the destination you reached is beautiful and   magical but you couldn't have gotten there by taking a casual safe stroll down the 
To get there, you need to board a big scary plane that carries risks and imperfections, 
turbulence that shakes your body and soul to its core... only then can your soul travel
through those cloudy high skies, and reach that place of pure, unfiltered Love! 
Ahhhh... and what a site it is!
-Love you Jeff!

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