Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hot Chocolate Cake and Celebrity Hot Spots


These are some matches i've collected from my favorite L.A. Restaurants... Morton's Steakhouse is also on my list but they don't give away matches.

My husband and I went here for Easter dinner, but I ate so fast I forgot to take pictures of the 12oz medium-rare filet  mignon he ordered or the Salmon with crab meat on top dish I ordered.

But...with dessert also coming, it gave me an opportunity to take a few snapshots of the splendid sugar laden sweets. We ordered their specialty "Morton's Hot Chocolate Cake"
Morton's Hot Chocolate Cake!
cake "before" 

cake "after"

Everything was delicious! If you're ever in Los Angeles, you want to stop at  Morton's Beverly Hills. It is also a popular celebrity spot, and the restaurant's walls are lined with pictures of all the famous people that have dined there. The waitress even took OUR picture... not to put up on the wall though, just as a keepsake! 

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  1. The cake really looks delicious! Can't wait to go there and try out there cake.