Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kiki Melendez brings Latino Hollywood to Miami...

Kiki Melendez on her Big Premiere Night.

Latino Hollywood Comes to Miami for Inaugural National Latino Film Showcase of Hispanicize 2012. Opening the showcase was comedian Kiki Melendez's new film "The Journey of a Female Comic-La Trayectoria De Una Comediante" .

I really admire Kiki. I met her almost 15 years ago when I was producing a promotional sales video for L.A.'s now defunct "Groove Radio", where she was one of the hosts.

Kiki Hug
Ever since I met her, she's always been non-stop. Producing comedy shows like "Hot Tamales Live" featuring Eva Longoria. Hosting her own show "Kiki desde Hollywood" where she interviewed the likes of Aaron Spelling and asked him where were all the Latinos in Melrose Place? And nurturing new talent for  future projects like Cuban comedian Conrado Bonco (keep your eye out for him!).

She's a go-getter, she has what Latinos call "cojones", what Jewish may call "chutzpah" and what gringos call "balls." She knows what she wants, but doesn't expect anything to be handed to her on a silver platter.
These are the things we can see in her Docucomedy  "The Journey of a Female Comic-La Trayectoria De Una Comediante"  (which she also directed and produced). We also see the small town in the Dominican Republic where she is originally from, and learn to appreciate her journey to Hollywood.

The life of a Latina female entertainer in America does not come with any guarantees or any easy paths. In Kiki Melendez' story, she has gone through plenty of disappointments, rejections and heartbreaks, Featured Cast:  Maria Conchita Alonzo, Marc Anthony, John Travolta, Esai Morales, Lupe Ontiveros, Nadine Velasquez, Jacob Vargas.

Kiki is a trailblazer that hasn't gotten enough credit from Hollywood but she's a force of nature that the glitzy town can't ignore for long.

(check out her 15 second video below moments after the Premiere of her movie)

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  1. Kiki is...just not that funny? I mean, she's like a tired housewife doing bad George Lopez. Better Latina comics for sure!