Friday, September 30, 2011


I first heard of "Clothing Swap Parties" through my friend Holly who is a Professional Organizer and is very Environmentally conscience. I thought what a great idea! Its a win-win situation all the way around!
Swapping clothes you don't wear anymore with your friends!


  • make more space in your closet
  • get rid of stuff 
  • get new outfits for FREE
  • meet new friends
  • save the planet by not over consuming
  • donate leftovers to Women's Shelter

  • ________????(still can't find any)
I loved the idea so much, I had my own! I had so much fun! All my friends brought their gently used clothes they hadn't used in at least 6 months. I hung some of the stuff on a rack, some stuff I put in piles in different categories like "shirts", "jeans", "purses", "shoes".

To be fair, I brought Monopoly money and gave each girl a fake dollar for every piece of item they brought and two fake dollars for every pair of shoes they brought.

Each girl got a number, and when their number was called they had 5 minutes to "buy" something from our makeshift "store".

You don't know how good it felt to "shop" and not spend real money! I got so many cute things that I use to this day! A gorgeous pair of orange Bebe shoes, a pair of Capri jeans I wear almost every weekend, a Fab Shirt that goes with EVERYTHING, and I even scored a real Louis Vuitton bag that my cousin brought because she was bored with it!  Whooo Hooo!

And the best part? After all the girls spent their "money", we put all the leftover Clothing Items in huge bags and my Designer friend Erica Islas took it to the Good Shepard Center for Homeless Women and Children. They event sent me the Thank You letter below that I keep pinned near my Desk.

Whether you live in  Santa Monica, Paris, or South America, I encourage you to have your own Clothing Swap Party and donate all leftovers to a local charity. And if you live in Los Angeles, come to mine!  Its happening Oct. 9th. just RSVP on the link below!

Our official FB invitation for the CLothing Swap Party

*And if you are not comfortable using other peoples clothes... puuuuhlease... you can always give it a good wash or dry clean. When you buy "new" clothes do you really think your the first person that's tried it on? Just sayin.

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