Monday, September 26, 2011

How to Celebrate your 30 Something BDAY when the party favors are in the "Over the Hill" aisle

September 25th marked my 30 "something" Birthday. I was HORRIFIED earlier this month when I went to Party City to get some party favors for my soon-to-be 8 year old daughter's birthday party (more on her Rock Star Celebration later), and I stumbled into the "OVER THE HILL" aisle, only to find an assortment of decorations intended for my age range! lets just say I'm over 30 and under 40.

Really? Have I already hit the "over the hill" aisle? They had an assortment of gag gifts for people of "my age" such as canes, glasses and cards that read "Danger: Falling Body Parts". This isn't funny. Really this isn't funny PARTY CITY!  For a brief moment I had an ounce of panic, like a judge had just given me a life sentence, or my Dr. told me I only had a few months to live. My life flashed before me, for a brief second I felt, my life was over.
30 and 40 sucks? Well you know what? Suck it 30! and Suck it 40!

It's so true what people say: that once you hit 30,the years fly by. That's because you get so busy as a responsible "adult" that you spend all your time on the Hamster wheel, working hard to pay your bills, raise your kids and the Wheel never stops.

So how was I going to "celebrate" another year on the wheel? By getting on it! A Ferris Wheel that is!

My birthday happened to fall on a Sunday and the same day as Cirque Du Soleil's new show "IRIS" had its World Premiere in Hollywood and I was invited to go to the after party. They closed down Hollywood Boulevard and brought in the best Restaurants to cater such as "Loteria","The Grill"and "Sushi Roku".

As I walked into this amazing Party, for a second I became a little girl again. I was so awe struck with the fabulous pomp and circumstance of this extravagant affair. So I closed my eyes and when I opened them, I pretended this was MY BIRTHDAY party! Why not? There were desserts, guests, music, and even that Ferris Wheel I mentioned earlier.

So my child-like imagination kicked in, and for an evening, I had the best catered, biggest Birthday party a girl could ask for! They even closed down Hollywood Boulevard just for ME!

And it was in that moment, that I remembered, even though I'm getting older, my child-like imagination doesn't have to age at all, because I will ALWAYS be a kid at heart and no birthday will ever take that away!
toward the end of the night... Curtain Closes on another BDAY