Saturday, September 17, 2011

My experience as a RUNWAY MODEL for a day, it goes something like this...

This weekend I got to experience what it feels like to be a Runway Model. Fashion designer Claudia Gonzalez-Pruitt asked me to be a guest Model for her fashion line "Beso Moda" for the "Latinos con Corazon" Charity event.
photo courtesy of Alex "Lex" Lopez - Thanks Alex!

A fundraising organization that raises funds for kids and elders less fortunate of basic necessities in Latin American countries through fashion, music, and art events.

When I got the call  I was so excited! First of all, what a great charity, and second of all, Im a fan of "Project Runway", "Americas Next Top Model" , and "the Rachel Zoe Project".  I thought this would give me a tiny taste of what its like to be in that frantic world of Designers, Runways, and an Audience waiting to see you walk, all with a Latino twist and a charity behind it to boot!

So how did the day go? I will break it down for you:

4:00 pm       Meet designer and Makeup Team at Beverly Terrace Hotel  
4:30-7:30pm  Get make make-up & hair done, along with 4 other Models
8:00 pm         Drive to Beverly Hilton

8:15 go backstage, change into Outfit (no dressing rooms), oops sorry for flashing ya'll, hurry hurry, fashion show about to start in 5 minutes! Ahh your stepping on my dress... hey is that girl naked or is that paint or a body suit?
"Beso Moda" dress I modeled

Photo courtesy of Alex Lopez 

8:00-8:30       Wait backstage, along with 40 other girls form a line with your respective designer, wait for your Designers name to be called out, get in line in pre-determined order, peak through curtain, and... GO..... 
Photo courtesy of Alex "Lex" Lopez 

8:35pm   Step onto the stage, put your nerves on check and throw them out the window, walk the carpet as if you were Tyra Banks, Smize (her term of "smile with your eyes"), give the photographers some attitude, uh, huh, yea I'm the Shizzle, strike a pose , walk back , strike another pose... walk off the carpet.
Beso Moda Design
Beso Moda Design

8:36 pm BREATHE! Thank God you didn't trip or fall, your dress didn't have a Nipple Malfunction, be happy you didn't freeze on stage, and realize this is the Coolest thing ever!!!

I have to thank my friend Sky for being there for me everystep of the way. She brought her bag of tricks that included extra safety pins, lip gloss and a whole bunch of encouragment to make sure I was feeling good and everything would go off without a hitch.  She didn't care that she was not the focus of attention, and was there to support her friend (me).  SHE really displayed MODEL behavior. Whether it's something frivolous like a friend helping you pin up your dress, or something more meaningful like a Charity such as Latinos con Corazon helping build schools in Latin America, it's the kindness of others that truly makes this world a beautiful place.
my BFF Sky and me on Red Carpet 

my BFF Sky, when it was all over


  1. I only got one pic of you cause it was a surprise to see you walking the runway! I said to myself "that looks like Naibe." By the time I realized it was really you and took another picture you were walking away! I was tweeting about the event throughout the night;... Good job by the way. :)

  2. thanks! @lexlopez1 my first runway walk!

  3. Hey sexy, I was there as well, didn't see you, :-(, you look beautiful as always!! Did you know Diana Quezada's movie premierer is on Monday, 9/26 @7:00, you should cover the red carpet to support Miss Di, I got the press release ok. un beso :-)Ivonne

  4. This is great! Hope you are doing well.