Monday, July 25, 2011

Why can't we get our butts to the gym? This may help...

If you are like me, the hardest part about working out is actually changing into your workout clothes, getting in your car and driving to the gym.

Before I even get a chance to get my exercise bra out of the drawer my "other-me" starts convincing me NOT to workout. She says things like, "oh, but you deserve to lounge today" or "skipping the gym ONE day won't hurt", and if that doesn't work the voice pulls out the big guns, "you're tired right Naibe? aren't you soooo tired?". Well guess what, lets tell that voice to SHUT UP!

I decided to cover my ears and say "la la la la",  "I can't hear you voice, I cant hear you". l decided to trick that evil side and simply skip changing into my workout clothes at home before it had a chance to conquer me. So I just drove to the Gym with my UGG boots, cute top and even make up on. I just made sure I stuffed my gym bag with the essentials: tennis shoes, socks, sweats, workout bra (don't forget that) and t-shirt. I drove my butt to  the gym as if I was going to meet a friend for lunch, parked my car, walked inside, said hi to the gym clerk, and before I knew it,  I was in the locker room inspired by the sweaty people cycling at 80mph and the ones doing crunches on the floor. Now the funny thing is, as soon I got my heart pumping on the treadmill, the annoying negative voice was quickly replaced by my very best voice. You know, the one that tells you can conquer the world, follow your dreams, and become all you can be? Yes my good voice was back, yelling sweet nothings in my ear! Ahhhh I love that voice.


  1. I agree about that voice Naibe. Just the word gym alone has such a negative feeling. People think or hear gym and it's all the ugly baggage that comes with it. I truly believe that people just need to learn how to move and workout whenever and where ever. The concept of needing a gym to workout is so over rated and nonsense from the media. Unless you are training for mr. or mrs, you don't need a gym. You can train just about anywhere, Home, parks, and the great outdoors and get the same results and sometimes better. Ones you learn what you can do anywhere, there is simply no excuse of missing a workout. No need to go home looking for training bra, no long drive to a stinky gym, no waiting in line for a machine, no membership fee, etc. Bottom line, instead of focusing on "why we can't get to gym" we should focus on "what we can do to keep moving and working out anywhere to stay fit."
    Art Aviles

  2. Art.. first of all , thank you so much for your comment. And I agree with you. I for one workout in a lot of different places, at home, at the gym, I go running in my neighborhood, or I take a bootcamp class ... but you can also apply this theory to working out at home. I have a treadmill in my room that I rarely use., and its in my ROOM! I still hear that voice.! MY POINT IS, its easy to talk yourself out of being healthy because exercising and eating right arent easy all the time. It takes some dedication, motivation etc. and sometimes we wake up and just dont feel like it! So that voice applys everywhere you go... beleive me, when I work out at home, I still have to turn of the negative thoughts like ... "wait, isn't your favorite show about to come on" or "just log on to the computer one more time, ..."