Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A bit(e) of Paris in Downtown Culver City...

Paris is my all-time favorite city. I had the pleasure of visiting the City of Love my last year of College. And I did fall in love... with the wine and the food. Oh, the stories I could tell... there was the warm and long baquettes for breakfast, the sweet and saucy crepes for dessert, and the deep savory  French wines for dinner.

That's why I was happy to discover (thanks to my friend Kikey Castillo)  French restaurant/cafe/winery/market "L'epicere Market" sitting right on the corner of  Duquense Ave. and Culver Blvd in my own neighborhood of Downtown Culver City.  It called to me like a cute french boy with a beret ,flowers and smile.

When you walk into this quaint corner Cafe, owner Thierry Perez who is originally from Southwest France and therefore, still retains his heavy French accent,  greets all his customers as if they were long time neighborhood friends.
It immediately took me back to Paris, when I was roaming the streets and the local Cafe owners, butchers, fruit stand attendants, and cab drivers  became instant friends. The people that put the human element in the dining experience that we sometimes lack in a city like L.A.

The happy hour menu includes $3 Tapas like Farmers Market Vegetables,  Chicken Wings Confit, Field Mushrooms,  and Marinated Anchovies to name a few.

Actress Kikey Castillo

They also have a vast wine selection and regular wine tasting classes for $40 that includes four wines paired with four mouth watering dishes. Not a bad price to pay for a quick savory trip to Paris!



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  2. Hey that's me! :) Great little place in our neighborhood, glad we explored!! Where's our next stop?