Friday, July 8, 2011

Do you think I'm "Stacked?" you will after reading this....

Technology is definitely invading a Restaurant chain near you.

I recently did a story for CNN Espanol about a cool new restaurant chain named Stacked which opened its first Restaurant in Torrance, CA.

The cool thing about Stacked is that you order and basically build your meal at your table using an IPAD! (Sorry PC lovers).

If you're not that well-versed with Apple products, not to fret, its very user friendly and there are "floaters" around the restaurant making sure customers know how to navigate between extra cheese, no mayo, and hold the onions.

During my interview with Executive Chef Javier Navarro, and Manager Michael Valdivia, I was fascinated by this cool modern concept and started ordering away with one quick swipe of my finger. Come hither good ol' Apple Pie milkshake, mama wants you. A burger with pretzel bread, avocado and an egg? Done! And a Macaroni Pizza? Carb coma I'm ready for you. What surprised me most was that I was more entertained by the many food options Stacked has to offer, rather than by its nifty technology.

I was further impressed by how my taste buds went into overdrive when I bit into the food, the tingly sensation in my mouth kept activating synapses in my brain I hadn't stimulated in a while. Phew, where was I? Oh yea, Stacked a modern restaurant with great food, after all a good meal is something no computer could ever replace.

Stacked is set to open two restaurants soon in San Diego, and Cerritos CA. You can visit them at

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