Monday, June 18, 2012

I love these Nautical themed candles, and guess what? I Hand-Crafted them myself- And so can you IN 5 EASY STEPS !

It was super easy... 

STEP #1 -Find some cute votive candle holders 

I found a bunch of these on sale for two dollars at Michael's Arts and Crafts.  Since I'm having a Nautical-themed party, I decided it would be a nice to have these candles around the tables as decoration. I bought 14!

STEP #2 -Get some nautical rope -type ribbon to decorate the candle

 I used a glue gun to wrap it around the candle.

STEP #3 - Glue a Nautical Themed sticker or Seashell on the candle

I bought stickers with different fun beach themes and a bag of Shells. To mix it up, I glued a sticker on some candles, and a seashell on the other ones. Mixing and matching is fun and adds a little spontaneity to your arts and crafts.

STEP #4- Insert decorative sand and blue sea rocks and seashells in the candle.

They sell these bags of decorative sand in different colors. I bought off-white to give it a more beachy feel.

STEP #5 -Insert a small tea light candle in each votive (they sell a dozen for about three dollars)

VOILA! you are done and ready to add a little romantic flair to your Nautical-themed soiree... You can also give the candles to your guests afterward as a "thank-you" gift for "lighting up your evening." HAPPY CRAFTING! 

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  1. Eres todo un estuche de monerias. Eres muy creativa. Te felicito Naibe!