Thursday, June 7, 2012

Time-Travel is possible

I like to take a breath. Fast forward 10 years from now and look at myself now, and tell myself... hmmm what could I have done differently? What are my regrets from the 2012 version of myself? What negative thoughts were self-defeating, useless and counter-productive?

Only then can I be objective and see things with a wider lens. The beauty of it is, you still have time to change your thoughts and actions because you ARE in the present.

Your "future-self" will always be wiser, because with time comes knowledge. Like my mom says "más sabe el Diablo por viejo que por Diablo."(The Devil knows more because he's old, not because he's the Devil.)

I like to listen to my "future-self." She is wiser, more beautiful, more traveled, more relaxed, and more comfortable in her own skin. Because time passed and she realized that her world didn't crash down on her when she didn't get "that job," that cutting off certain friendships really were for the best, and that with all its pitfalls, failures, and disappointments, life still is beautiful if you can learn to savor and appreciate it.

Doing this exercise in reverse can teach you valuable lessons as well.

-I would tell my 6 year old self things like "don't pay attention to criticism, you are unique, you are special." I would tell her things like "things will work out, you will do great things, and travel to amazing places."

-I would tell my 13 year old self, "its okay if you don't know what you want to do, you will figure it out for sure, use this time to explore and have fun."

-I would tell my 30 year old self, "you will find a great guy, have patience, open your eyes and you will eventually pick a good one!"

-And hopefully, one day I will tell my 70 year-old self "you have lived a rich life with purpose, love, adventure, you let all the negative energy that people threw at you bounce right off like a ball and even laughed at it a little, you surrounded yourself with people who loved and appreciated you, and Naibe, hold on cause you still have 20plus years left to go."


  1. Hey ..... Wait a second! I knew you 10-years ago. Didn't we have that talk?