Friday, August 5, 2011


My Stylist Steve "The STYLEGUYDE" Galindo invited me to the Opening of  RANKIN's Art Gallery Exhibit  the other day in Beverly Hills. I went in BLIND, not knowing what to expect. And low and behold, the entire exhibit was about EYE's. Beautiful photographs of different eyes. Blues, Hazels, Greys. It's called "Eyescapes".

Rankin Exhibit

As I LOOKED at the pictures, It made me realize how precious our eyesight is. Did you know that eyes are organs that detect light and convert it to electro-chemical impulses in nuerons?? Huh??

Our Eyes are soooo beautiful that Swatch teamed with Rankin and their new line of watches will feature the famous photographers close up shots of eyeballs on their dials.

The day after the Opening, I had a reporting assignment for CNN Espanol. Do you know what my story was about? EYES!Off I went to LAX to board the ORBIS plane, the World's only Flying Eye Hospital.

I met Doctor Gabriela Gonzalez, from Mexico who treats kids that are on the brink of blindness. She was wearing a Beautiful "Eye" on her neck. Her boyfriend, also a Doctor in Mexico, makes prosthetic Eyes for those who have lost theirs. This beautiful charm she wears is a symbol of his love for her, he only has "eyes" for her (get it).

Since 1982 the non-profit organization has traveled to 88 countries, helping poverty stricken communities recover their eyesight, prevent blindness and train local opthomologists so they can in turn, keep helping others.

Looking at the pictures of young patients suffering from Eye disease and hearing the stories of young kids that have never been able to see their own mothers faces, made me realize how lucky I was.

Have you ever taken a moment to appreciate your Eyesight? I hadn't until that day. One day I was looking at beautiful Art and the next, looking at pictures of  children that may never get the chance to have normal eyesight and be able to appreciate Art, see the World, or even a flower or their own face.

I woke up the next day, blessed to be able to see my daughter, my cat, even my ugly brown carpet.  In life we complain so much about the little things. The cold coffee, that promotion we didn't get, traffic or the fact that we are up to our "eyeballs" in errands, and we lose sight of the true blessings we do have.

I never want to become blind to the gifts I can see so cleary.
"No eyes that have seen beauty, ever lose their sight"- Jean Toomer -American Poet

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  1. great read, love it Naibe! BTW, your cartoon pic is soooooo cool!