Monday, August 22, 2011

Psst... did you hear about the secret Hiking Spot on the Westside?

 In the hustle and bustle of Culver City, residents can take a short drive to the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook. A free park which offers hiking, nature gazing, and a beautiful few from the top.

One of the keys to getting in shape is to keep the body guessing. At least that's what all the trainers I've ever talked to keep telling me. But sometimes its difficult to change up your workout and still stay on a budget. That's why hiking or jogging the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook is a  great addition to your current workout routine. Its free, its in town, and besides challenging your muscles, it offers an extra incentive: once you reach the top, you will be rewarded with a beautiful 360 degree scenic view of Los Angeles. The spot is quite breathtaking and serene, and from there you can see Downtown Los Angeles, the Hollywood sign, and on a clear day even the Pacific Ocean. 

I clearly remember the first time I tried "the stairs" as they are called by Culver City locals. I could not believe that this oasis was so close to me. From my condo, I could actually jog there and get a double workout in. Perfection! I actually found three different workouts to do at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook. I can jog up the one-mile hiking trail for a light workout. For more intensity I race up the  flight of steep stairs that  take you to the top of the hill, 511 ft above the city. And if I want a quick burst and burn, I sprint up the paved hill that takes you up Hetzler Rd. Three different workouts, one beautiful park.

Located just off of Jefferson Blvd a few blocks west of La Cienega, the 58 acre park is great for all fitness levels, as I have even seen senior citizens, parents with young children, and even bona fide pros on the property. Depending on whether you choose to walk, sprint up the stairs, or take a leisurely hike up the zig zaging trail, you can make it as difficult or easy as you want. 

If you are more of a nature lover, the park offers a seasonal displays of wildlife flowers native to the area such as the Popcorn Flower and the Golden Yarrow. While running the dirt trail you will probably also spot a vast array of lizards, bugs, and exotic insects that you may not see in your neighborhood.

Before you go, make sure you take plenty of water, sun screen and sun glasses. Also, cotton holds moisture like a sponge so if your goal is to break a sweat, you're best best is to where clothing that has some Nylon and polyester as they help circulate the air more effectively than cotton.

The Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook was Culver City's best kept secret. Until now! Race you to the top!  

 Park hours are 8 am to Sunset daily. 
Dogs are not allowed.
For more information visit the Visitor Center at 310-558-5547
6300 Hetzler Rd. 
Culver City, Ca 90232

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  1. Hey, I'll go with you and you can show me your workouts, it's in our mutual hood's :)