Sunday, December 4, 2011

How I out-ran Rudolph & placed 3rd on my first 10K!

Running a Marathon has always been on my Bucket-list, so I decided to be pro-active and take baby steps to accomplish that goal.  I signed up for the SAY NO TO DRUGS HOLIDAY CLASSIC 10K on Dec 4, 2011 so I could test the waters. Next goal: a Half-Marathon and then a full blown 26. 2 mile Marathon.

I love fitness and I always change up my fitness routine. That's how I started getting into running. Its perfect when I don't feel like driving to the gym because I can run long distances around my neighborhood or just hop on my treadmill.
My P.O.V at the Starting line butterflies in my stomach are in full force!
I registered for the 10K about a month before it actually happened so I figured I had plenty of time to "train" NOT! Birthdays came up, extra-long work weeks, and THANKSGIVING to boot!
Thanks to former collegue Stephanie Simmons for introducing me to this Race!
I was not on my training game, but I refused to be one of those people that always makes excuses and doesn't commit to important goals. I was NOT going to let any excuses get in the way.
Silly Poses. 

Naibe Reynoso and Steph Simmons Post-Race!
So I will break down how the morning of the race went:

4:30 am- wake up- (it was early but I was excited)
5:00 am- drink  a cup of coffee, eat boiled egg, change, get my wallet and Iphone and fanny pack ready.
6:00 am-drive to Race location (Universal City Walk)
6:30 am- get to location, park and wait. (oh and pee )
7:00 am- get out of my car, get my registration packet, safety pin my race number on shirt.(pee again)
7:25 am- go to the Start Line and get ready to hear the gun go off. (I had butterflys in my stomach)
7:30 am-run like the wind, up the steep hills through the Universal Studios backlot, past some of Hollywood's most famous sets including War of the Worlds, the Bates Motel and Psycho House, Whoville and more!
8:34 am-CROSS THE FINISH LINE ! Yeay !  I made it! in 1 hour 04 minutes!

So how does Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer come into play? Well, being a Race newbie, I had NO idea some runners get very festive during races close to the Holidays. There were people wearing antlers, Santa hats, and elves costumes.

So was the case with a lady that was running near me the entire race. At first I was ahead of her, of course I would be right? Well, low and behold,  Reindeer Antler lady ran passed me and got way ahead at about the 3k mark of the run. Oh no, I wasn't having it. I had to run faster, not give up, and show that Red-Nosed reindeer what I was made of.

Towards the end of the race, Antler-lady and I were neck and neck. This was my first race, but I was not going to come in behind a woman who obviously had an aero-dynamic disadvantage on her head (although Santa may differ on this fact).

Cue the song "Chariots of Fire".... and picture me sprinting in slow motion to get to the Finish Line. From  the corner of my eye, I  could see an antler inching toward me, and that's when I found the inner strength to find the energy, cross the mark,  and beat her!
Naibe Reynoso, Steph Simmons , 2 friends and Crispin Lazarit 

After the race you check your name to see your exact times, and what place you came in. There are various categories ranging in age-range and your sex. Low and be-hold... I came in 3rd place in my Division for the 5k! And they gave me a commemorative metal. Whoo hoo...
Rudolph... bite my dust. (but I still expect you to deliver my Xmas present)
Steph got 3rd Place in her Division too for 10K!

My 3rd Place Metal for 5K!

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