Monday, December 12, 2011

Coca-Cola Tour Adelante Mujer! 10 tips from 3 Fascinating Successful Women

Naibe Reynoso and Nely Galan
I've always heard that if you want to be successful, you should do what successful people do. So when I recently attended the Coca-Cola Tour Adelante,  in Santa Monica California headed by Uber successful media-mogul and motivational speaker Nely Galan I pulled out my reporters notebook and took note.
Nely Galan, Sandra Cisneros, Nell Merlino
The conference was wonderful because there were other speakers such as Author Sandra Cisneros who provided a spiritual approach to moving forward and Founder and President of "Count Me In"  Nell Merlino, who provided the business aspect of it. These women are the true "Triple Threat".

 NELY GALAN~Motivational Words
  1. The Fear of  Failure is your Best Friend.
  2. If you are scared (to speak up etc) use someone else's voice in your head to give you courage.
  3. Its never too late to right the wrongs in your life.
  4. There is NO Prince Charming.
  5. Sometimes when you lose you win and vice versa.
  6.  Being Latina is the best of both worlds.
  7. In your deepest pain is your answer/There is darkness before light.
  8. Follow your bliss with a back-up position.
  9. Maintenance is extremely important. 
  10. When you are good and do your work, miracles happen.
    Nely Galan and me (Naibe Reynoso)
    NELL MERLINO~Business Words
  1. Tell people what you want and need.
  2. Mobilize people you know to help you/Surround yourself with experts.
  3. Come up with products /ideas that solve everyday problems.
  4. Ask for help and teach others how to do it (delegate).
  5. When you are in charge, remember: YOU are the boss, its YOUR company.
  6. Figure out how to expand or franchise your product. Find customers.
  7. Let your imagination run wild. Start thinking with the End in mind.
  8. Don't wait for things to be perfect in your life they never will be.
  9. What are you going to do today to move Forward?
  10.  Expect resistance.
me and author Sandra Cisneros (House on Mango Street, Caramelo)
  1. Write 10 things about yourself that make you unique.
  2. Always keep your word.
  3. Live for your own approval.
  4. Value your time, don't give it away to people who waste it.
  5. What are you using to cover or mask your pain? Address it
  6. Depression has a purpose if you use it before it uses you. Transform it to light Express your pain thru art.
  7. Your only true possessions are your actions.
  8.  If you can't come out of sadness  by yourself, see a professional curandera (healer, therapist).
  9. Listen to your body, its telling you something.
  10. Always know that you are special, the Universe has and will only create ONE of YOU.
    The conference was truly transformational. I was able to feel the love of other "hermanas" there. I really hope that in 2012, such a powerful and meaningful year in the Mayan Calendar which predicts a major transformation, that JUNTAS we will move forward, ADELANTE, and show the world the BEAUTY, INTELLIGENCE AND POTENTIAL that we have always carried within us and we are so desperate for the world to also recognize.
"The Goddess" an altar created by artist Pattsi Valdez . All the dreams and wishes of the women present were pinned to her skirt.
the "Lets Talk" gang . Love the girls! I admire you !

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