Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Diva gets Tamed in Koreatown: a Hair-Raising story

Joe Jonas 6/2011

As a reporter with an unpredictable schedule and an often small window to get ready for my next interview (yesterday it was with Joe Jonas), it's difficult to tame my mane. Especially when I don't have ALL the tools I need to make my hair look half-way decent and not "Homeless Fab". The list includes: hair smoothing cream, a blow dryer, hair straightener, a hot curler, and hairspray. And that is just the bare minimum. My hair is so stubborn I even nicknamed it "the Diva" because it needs an entourage and has an  attitude. Ay dios mio!

My Latin roots blessed me me with my thick, full hair but sometimes its seems more of a curse then a great DNA trait.

We all have a love/hate relationship with our hair. Women with curly hair want straight hair and vice-versa. Brunettes want to be blondes and blondes... well maybe this last example doesn't apply but you get the picture.

So,  I'm off on a special mission to Koreatown. A woman in a small salon has a Japanese straightening solution that would make my locks cry for forgiveness and even make "the Diva" become humble. Okay, its my last resort.

My sister got her almost fro-like hair permanently transformed into a silky smoothness even a Swedish model would envy.
Before you ask, yes! I did try the Brazilian Blowout. I loved it the first time but it didn't quite work the last two times I tried it.
I had tried this Japanese straightener four years ago when I was a News field reporter covering fires, crime, and kittens stuck in trees. Meow.

It definitely keeped the frizzes at bay even during Misty weather.
But, after seeing a few of my "behind the head" camera shots and being completely terrified of how unkempt it looked back there, I decided to bring out the big guns.

After a four hour procedure that involved smelly chemicals, shampooing, blow drying and repeating three times, I had straight hair!

Yes! My Shrew had been tamed. "The Diva" had become humble.

I walked out of the salon and smiled at the nice Korean woman next to me. She had rollers in her hair and today, she was getting a Curly Perm! 

Straight as an arrow...until it grows out again

Koreatown- LA
(323) 737-6550 ... and tell um Naibe sent you


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