Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beauties, and Bosses and Weiners ohhhh My!

Last night I attended the Launch Party of MUN2's (Comcast/NBC owned Cable Network) new Reality Show" Beauties & the Boss.

Going with the theme of the evening, I went with my *Boss, Bel Hernandez who is Exec. Producer of the Weekly Talk Show I Co-Host called "Let's Talk", and *Beauty and fellow Co-Host Dyana Ortelli.

We were actually invited to walk the Red Carpet, something I'm not quite used to, since, as a reporter I'm usually on the other side of the rope interviewing the Stars.

Our show tackles topics such as Fashion, obesity, Latinos in Hollywood, Politics, and much more.

As the three of us made our way to the bathroom (where we could actually hear ourselves talk), we started talking about Weiners. In particular Embattled Congressman Anthony D. Weiner who is trying to "stick it out" (not literally for now) and keep his job after he almost "blew" it by posting lewd photos of himself via his Twitter account.

I personally think this is a private matter between him and his wife. If he's good at his job, I don't care if he showed an anonymous (or maybe 47,000 anonymous) people what "lies beneath".  One of my co-hosts disagreed. But we ALL agreed that these and topics like these, are the  kinds of discussions we are having on our "Lets Talk" round table. 

So we walked out of the smelly room and darted for some fresh air, but not before a nice lady from one of the stalls bolted and asked us if  we could continue this conversation? 

We told her to watch "Let's Talk" on Thursdays at 7:30am on KJLA.
We have a captive audience! And not because they are stuck in a bathroom!

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