Monday, January 23, 2012

Eating my way through Vegas: a Foodies guide to SIN CITY

As you get older, every thing looks different. Las Vegas which in my 20's meant  a wild fun escape with friends is  now a Romantic Food Lovers dream... Who knew that in my 30's Vegas meant my taste buds would be the ones doing the "hard partying" pulling food all nighters and savoring orgasmic flavors at some of the best Restaurants I've ever been to. I would take Bobby Flay's caramel dessert over a Chippendale's Lap dance any day of the week!

My boyfriend Jeff who is also a foodie (match made in heaven) and I took a quick three day post New Years day escape to Sin City, so we could let our "taste buds" go wild.. ha (we are a wild crew).

And boy my taste buds were in for the ride of their lives. So next time you go to Vegas, don't necessarily bet on the slot machines, because the biggest jackpot I got, were the new dishes I dared to try.

                                                       "MESA GRILL"
Mesa Grill, located in Caesar's Palace of Las Vegas. If you ever watch the Food Network then you definitely know who Bobby Flay is. Who knew this red-headed white boy could cook some of the best Mexican dishes I ever tasted! (Although I would love to see Flay "Throw down" with my Abuelita from Zacatecas). My guy Jeff had a chile relleno (pictured below). Bobby definitely put his unique spin on it, but he got it right. It was deeeelicious (please don't tell my mom who also claims to have the best rellenos in the world). The basket of bread they put on the table is also incredible. He uses blue corn and jalapenos ! Divinity in a basket!

Chile Relleno! 

best bread basket ever!


"Sage" located in Las Vegas' new Hotel "Aria" is exquisite! I loved the Foie Gras Custard Brulee.
Jeff had the scallops and I had the Liberty Farms Duck. Each bite was heavenly. The dishes were so good, I didn't want to finish them... as I scraped the plate clean and licked my spoon!

Another fun part of this restaurant is that they have a rolling "Absinthe" bar. Coincidentally, Jeff is HUGE fan of Rocker Marilyn Manson, and that is the first brand they offered to us. Its called "Mansinthe" its Manson's very own label and apparently he helped "legalize" the drink in Vegas.

                                  "TOP OF THE WORLD RESTAURANT"
"Top of the World" Restaurant at Stratosphere

The Restaurant is located on top of the Stratosphere. Restaurant is a little old (they really need new carpet) but the restaurant spins 360 degrees so you always get a great view.

You don't really go here for the food, its more for the view. I had the "Surf n Quack" which is a combo of beef, duck and Foie Gras. Food was pretty good . I fell in love with Duck! Awww... and to think Donald Duck was always my favorite Disney character.
Surf 'n Quack

Yes I know,"Gastro Pub" doesn't sound very sexy. But I enjoyed the atmosphere in this bar because they had a large food selection, and a beer tasting menu as well. I tried the Fruit and Chocolate beer platter which allowed me to sample cherry-chocolate, apricot, framboise, and double chocolate beer! I also had  the Lobster Roll and a couple of Oysters to wash the alcohol down. Yummy!

Here we are, after many miles of meals. No we didn't gamble, so we didn't loose any money. We just gained a few pounds, and some delightful, delicious memories... "VIVA... LAS VEGAS!"


  1. Omg those lobster rolls look delish. Now I'm hungry. :/

    1. Hi Cynthia! yes they were soooo good! Everything I tried at these Restaurants was incredible!

  2. I have been to Mesa Grill and it is one of my favorite spots in LV. I'm goig to Vegas next month, now I'll have o try some of your recs. I think my BF will like Todd English Pub.