Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'll show you mine.... my TOP TEN Favorite APPS

I love ME my IPhone Apps. They put a little bit of fairy dust on an otherwise dull business and emergency-only device: the phone (okay maybe I also use it for the occasional gossip call). When I was a kid, and I used to see "businessmen" on their phones, I thought yuck... who wants to be on that thing for hours on end? But now thanks to all the fun apps that smart phones have, I want to be on my phone for hours on end!

Here is a LIST of my top TEN favorite apps.

1. Facebook/Twitter-
 We can instantly Facebook/Twitter via our smart phones when something pisses us off and save tons on Therapy! EXHIBIT A:
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2. MAPS -Can I say Hallelujah! Just when I needed a Trader Joes all I got to do is Map it in and Voila! Who knew I was only 3 minutes away? Who knew there was actually a Trader Joes here??? Im the GREEN dot, and all I have to do is get to the RED dot. Easy. Men... are you reading this?

3. Yelp! Its like Yellowpages and Help all rolled into one.. Need I say more?

4. Nike plus GPS. Love tracking my Miles while I run. It also comes with a built in cheerleader that congratulates you every time you reach another mile... gooooo Nike!

5. iBooks.  I never got the Kindle and I almost sleep with my Iphone, so might as well "cuddle" up with a good book while I'm at it and kill two birds with one stone right? Here is my library, what does yours look like?

6. Pandora. Its Free. You create your own radio station with your favorite music.  There are NO disc jockeys. I mean I don't want to hear Ryan Seacrest anouncing my favorite Adele song or interviewing his celebrity friends. It totally kills the mood when im dancing in my underwear. Hope the next hit is "Pandora killed the radio star".

7. Celeb for a Day. In this era of instant fame everyone wants a piece of the pie. With this App you don't have to sell your soul or get married then divorced in 72 days to make headlines. You create your own Fake Magazine cover. Here's mine:

8. TOON PAINT. Everyone is cooler as a cartoon character. This app is free and uber cool. Look at my before and after's:

9. INSTAGRAM. Make your drabby pictures works of art with this app that provides different filters to make your snapshots pop. The app is a social site which allows you to share pictures with other Instagram subscribers and make comments . Here is a before and after INSTAGRAM.



10.PERIOD TRACKER. Okay this App is just for girls. But I love the fact that it reminds you when Aunt Flo is scheduled to arrive etc. eliminating the need for you to write embarassing notes on your calendar. This App does all the "dirty" work for you.

***BONUS app
11. AGE FACE. we all need a reality check once in while. With the swipe of a finger this app ages your current photo. Yes, even botox and facelifts will not save you from eventually looking like this: so might as well "Face" the music.

Before AGE FACE 


OKAY, i've showed you mine, now you show me yours What are your favorite apps. and why?


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  2. Mine have to be: Shazzam!, Facebook, Maps and all the Angry Birds.., :)